Other Services

In addition to our standard services Atlantic Refrigeration Ltd also offer:

  • Rapid Recovery – an efficient and streamlined refrigerant recovery service providing safe, high-speed, F-Gas compliant refrigerant recovery from larger systems, saving valuable time and reducing costs
  • Refrigerant Analysis – with refrigerant prices increasing a refrigerant leak can lead to costly replacement costs or system inefficiencies, refrigerant analysis takes a small sample direct from the system or from recovered refrigerant in clean cylinders and checks the composition of the sample alongside oil residue and moisture thus ensuring refrigerant is only replaced when necessary and systems run to maximum efficiency
  • Manufacturing – we offer a range of manufactured solutions from replacement cold wells, cooling coils, access and inspection hatches and cold rooms
  • Refrigerant Disposal – recovered refrigerant is sent for destruction or reprocessing in accordance with current F-Gas regulations
  • Equipment Rental – we offer a range of equipment for temporary rental to maintain business efficiency and comfort in the event of breakdown or when additional capacity is required
  • Outdoor Equipment Protection Coating – to protect vulnerable outdoor equipment i.e. condensing units from the elements we can arrange for the application of a protective chemical coating either prior to installation on new equipment or on site on existing equipment

To discuss your needs call us today on 023 8033 9141 or e-mail us at office@atlantic-refrig.co.uk.